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Where the story begins…

Pro-X (the unknown professional) is a MC/Bboy/Producer from Rotterdam, Netherlands.

From the moment Pro-X heard the legendary cd ‘It takes a nation of millions to hold us back’ from Public Enemy he discovered his passion for rap. Inspired by artists like Mobb Deep, Wu-Tang clan and Nas Pro-X started writing lyrics and performing at local stages. 


Solo career

In December 2013 Pro-X decided it was time to move on and follow his own path again. He produced his first solo ep 'EP 4 free (vol.1)' and after it's release on July 1st 2014 he released the two singles/videos 'One eye open' and 'Rotterdam city (ft. DJ SD)'. He is often compared to Nas and is sometimes labeled as the dutch Talib Kweli which he considers a great compliment. His 2nd ep is finished and available online. He's currently working on his album with different producers and artists. He recently performed at the 'I love HipHop festival', support act for Freddie Gibbs (US) and he managed to earn a final spot in the 'Grand prize of Rotterdam'. 


In the year 2000 Pro-X formed the band BS-ONE with Reshmay.

The group became successful performing in spectacular live shows with rap and vocals, combining this with Hiphop and Breakdance in a national and international area.

Performances and shows in Holland by BS-ONE:  MTV, Breakout, TMF Warchild, Top of the Pops , Ahoy Kidsadventure, 010 City Games, Binnenstebuiten Festival, Rotterdam Import, Urban Style Festival, Grote prijs van Nederland, Live For Live Festival, Waterlife 2003, Clench Flatland tour and the opening act of Kelis in the sold out Melkweg Amsterdam. 

The unknown Professional

In the year 2007 Pro-X decided to continue his career individually and focused on his first solo album named ‘His story begins’. He self-produced this album and presented the album on February 29th 2008 in Odeon Rotterdam, which was sold out for the release party.

He released three music videos for the album ‘His story begins’. 

Capitol Hill

In 2010 Pro-X was part of the group Capitol Hill.

Capitol Hill was a hiphop based band with catchy tunes. The bandmembers were : Bryan (singer /rapper), Odile/Sheralda (Singer) and Pro-X (rapper/singer). The first single they released in 2010 was ‘What you know about love’. The song reached the #1 position in the 538 Juize ‘drop your demo’ and was in the Funx charts for 14 weeks with #6 as highest position. In the Funx top 100 of the year is reached # 26. They also released ‘Do me like that’ and ‘Ooh baby’. Their last single also reached the #1 position in the 538 juize ‘drop your demo’. They did a lot of shows with their live band ‘The new presidents’. Some highlights : Dunya festival, Finale GPZH, Finale ‘Road to parkpop’, Parkpop, Trailerpop, North sea jazz around town and Summercarnaval in Rotterdam. 

The live shows performed by Pro-X (& DJSD) are known for its great level of entertainment.

Pro- X is well know for his professionalism and originality, which reflects in his motto: 

It's easy to do what's already been done. It’s much harder to be original...