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Pro-X - EP 4 free (vol.2) tells you my vision on life.

The title means ‘Everything Personal for free’ referring to the social media life we live today.

I'm not about hype and bling bling, i just make music i like and let you get to know me.

I have been working on this ep for a while now and i'm glad it's finally online.

The style is rap with some 90's flavour combined with live instruments.

To let you understand the songs better i made a short description of what every song is about :


 1. Make a wish

 - The music scene has changed since the introduction of internet. Instead of spending countless hours looking for record labels to offer you a deal, you can now go online and upload your songs and videos creating your own hype. But with great power comes great responsibility and now the market is flooded. Too many wanna be artists who think they can be the next best thing overnight.


2. Good life lover (ft. Gerson Rafael)

 - Some people say money makes you happy but i think money only makes things easier. I don't need a luxury life to make me feel good. I've got a loving  family, surrounded by good people, a good job, a roof over my head and a place to sleep. But most important of all i can breath and i'm healthy (atleast try to be). So people that complain all the time need to take a look in their surroundings and realise that you're fortuned to be where you're at. And if your situation doesn't meet up to your expectations you need to step your game up and make your life work. Don't wait for others to better your life .


3. Born to be free

 - We get up every morning serving society. Everyday is filled with different rules and regulations we need to go by. And offcourse it's important to pay your bills and make shure there is food on the table but why let  yourself be lived by those rules. Since birth we are labled and you are expected to follow the rules to serve society. To a lot of people it's just daily life but dreamers like me are always looking for ways to feel free and really be the person you want to be.


4. Roll down the city (ft. Pop-I)

 - I live in Rotterdam, a city filled with big buildings, beautiful skyline and with lots of different cultures and creative people. I was inspired to write this song while driving through the city just enjoying the view.


5. Me & my best friend (ft. Kaida)

 - A song for my 4 year old daughter Kaida. Since 23th of april 2012 i'm a proud dad of a little girl. I'm responsible for her life and i want her to get the best out of it. The older she gets the more her own character starts to show and i realised that it's important for me to guide her in every step along the way. This song also has a flip side for me personally. My dad left when i was 8 and i was 21 when i saw him again. Even though my mom married my stephdad and i had nothing to complain in my youth i always felt the absence of my dad. That's why i promised myself to always be there when my daughter needs me no matter what happens.


6. Easy living

 - Stress can make you feel old real quick. Instead of coming home from work, worry all night about things that can not be solved at that moment, try to relax and ease your mind for a change. Kick your shoes of and put your feet on the table. If you enjoy smoking some, smoke some. If you feel like drinking, pour one up (with limits though). Handle your responsibility but don't get stressed out, that's easy living.


7. New to you (ft. Neda Boin)

 - Today's trend is to be like the latest hot artist. I'm not saying old school rap was better but atleast i got inspired by listening to rap back then. There are a lot of new rappers out there that i'm inspired by nowadays but all the media is pushing is the same commercial (c)rap. Ever since the rap industry went from the streets to a multi billion dollar industry the main goal of new artists is to make money with their music instead of putting heart in craftmenship. It's important to have your own id as an artist else you're just a copy claiming to be original. So rappers need to ask themselves 'what's new to you?’ something that is already there, or something original?